Tsirigotis Dionysios


  • Name: Tsirigotis Dionysios
  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Material: Modern Greek History, International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Office: 202 (126 Gr. Lampraki Str.)
  • Office Hours: Thurdsay 13:00-15:00
  • Tel.: +30.210-414-2659
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  • Bio

    Dionysios Tsirigotis is Assistant Professor at the Department of International Relations and European Studies, at University of Piraeus.

    He received a degree in International and European Studies (with very good) from the Department of International and European Studies at Panteion University. He also received an M.A in International Relations and Strategic Studies and a Ph.D in International Relations and European Studies, from the Department of International and European Studies at Panteion University (2006).

    He has been a Research Fellow at the Heraclutus Program, Panteion University, (2002-2006).

  • Teaching

    • Introduction in International Relations
    • Modern Greek Foreign Policy
    • European Defense, Security and Political Integration
    • Greek Diplomacy: Turkey & Cyprus - Seminar
    • Seminar on Greek Foreign Policy
    • Society, Economy and Foreign Policy of China
    • Deterrence and Greek Strategy
  • Publications

     I. Books

    • Modern and Contemporary Greek History. International Relations and Diplomacy (Athens: Piotita, 2013) (in Greek).
    • The Greek Strategy in Asia Minor, 1919-1922. Contemporary Greek History and Foreign Policy (Athens: Piotita, 2010) (in Greek).

    II. Samples of Articles and Chapters

    1. “Boundaries Delimited. The Notion of Territoriality in International Relations Theory”, Eurolimes, vol. 20, Autumn 2015, pp.165-180.

    2. “Greek legacy in Modern Era: The unbridgeable chasm between Modernity and the Greek Cosmosystem”. Collective volume, Siegen University, (under published).

    3. “The Greek problem. A socio-political analysis of current Greek crisis”. Collected volume of scientific conference: Greece and the European Union at the Crossroads of Critical Developments: Policies, Strategies and Outlook options. Athens: Law Library, 2015, pp. 23-38.

    4. “Aspects of the Greek strategy in the Balkan Wars. A case study of Eleftherios Venizelos macro strategy and strategic commander/ successor of the Throne Constantine, micro strategy. Conference Proceedings: 100 Years of the conduct of the Balkan Wars. Athens, Hellenic Army General Staff / Arms History, 2013, (in Greek).

    5. “Hegemonic ambitions in Eurasia. A theoretical perspective of Strategic Depth”, Airline Review, vol. 98, July 2013, (in Greek).

    6. “Here and There in IR Theory”, International Conference on International Business, Thessaloniki 2012. (Proceedings)

    7. “The cosmotheoretical background of E. Venizelos’ Grand Strategy, 1910-1920”, Volume in Honour of Emeritus Professor Sotiriou Karvouni, Piraeus, Piraeus University Research Center 2012.

    8. “Greek Domestic Politics: Enduring Problems and Prospects” (co author Evaghoras L. Evaghorou) in C.Yenigun & F.Gjana (επιμ.), Balkans, Foreign Affairs, Politics & Socio- Cultures, Tirana, Epoka University Publications, 2011.

    9. “Globalization and Change in World Politics: Key Trends in alternative currents of thought in international relations theory”, in Siousouras Petros-Hazakis Constantine (Editor) Globalization, European Union and Greece, (Athens: Piotita, 2009) (in Greek).

    10. “The impact of the excess of the culminating point of attack of the Greek military strategy on the outcome of the Greek campaign in Asia Minor (August 1921 – August 1922)”, Defensor Pacis, vol. 24, June 2009.

    11. “The Great Idea as an independent variable of E. Venizelos’ and I. Metaxas’ Grand Strategies”, Geostrategy, vol.15, January-April 2009, (in Greek).

    12. “International Theory and Political Act - Diplomacy. The case of E. Venizelos’ Grand Strategy, 1910-1920”. Liberal Emphasis, vol. 38, January-February- March 2009, (in Greek).

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