Aristotle Tziampiris

  • Name: Tziampiris Aristotelis
  • Title: Professor
  • Subject: International Relations with an emphasis on Balkan and Mediterranean Relations
  • Office: 403 (Building Androutsou 150)
  • Tel.: +30.210-414-2733
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  • Bio

    Dr. Aristotle Tziampiris is Professor of International Relations and Chair of the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Piraeus. He is also Standing Fellow at New York University's Remarque Institute, Visiting [Non-Resident] Fellow at the University of Southern California, Academic Advisor to the Hellenic American Leadership Council (HALC) and Academic Coordinator for the Erasmus+ "Eastern Mediterranean Regional Training Partnership" Program. Dr Tziampiris was Onassis Senior Visiting Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago (August-September 2016), Visiting Fellow at New York University's The Remarque Institute (2013-2014), Visiting Scholar at Columbia University's The Harriman Institute (2009), Director of the Center of International and European Affairs at the University of Piraeus (2012-2013), a member of the Scientific Board of the Institute of Defence Analyses (IAA-Athens, Greece, 2004-2009) and IAA's Board of Directors (September 2005-June 2006), as well as former Research Associate at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP-Athens, Greece, 2000-2008). He is the author of The Emergence of Israeli-Greek Cooperation (Springer, 2015); Faith and Reason of State: Lessons from Early Modern Europe and Cardinal Richelieu (Nova Science, 2009); Kosovo’s Endgame: Sovereignty and Stability in the Western Balkans (IAA, 2006); International Relations and the Macedonian Question (ELIAMEP, 2003) [in Greek]; Greece, European Political Cooperation and the Macedonian Question (Ashgate Press, 2000); co-editor (with Spyridon Litsas) Foreign Policy Under Austerity (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016)  and co-editor with Spyridon Litsas) The Eastern Mediterranean in Transition (Ashgate Press, 2015). Dr Tziampiris has published a series of essays primarily on international relations and Greek foreign policy in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean. His op-ed pieces have appeared in various publications and websites, including The New York Times, The Jerusalem Post, The Huffington Post, The Washington Times and the National Interest. He holds PhD and MSc (econ) degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science and is a graduate (BA) of Middlebury College. Dr Tziampiris is married with two children.
  • Teaching

    • European Political History
    • Contemporary International Politics
    • International Relations and Economics of Southeast Europe
  • Publications

    Academic Monographs:

    • Tziampiris Aristotle. The Emergence of Israeli-Greek Cooperation. (Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2015).
    • Tziampiris Aristotle: Faith and Raison of Reason: Lessons from Early Modern Europe and Cardinal Richelieu. New York: Nova Science Press, 2009.
    • Tziampiris Aristotle: Kosovo’s Endgame. Sovereignty and Stability in the Western Balkans. Athens: IAA, 2006.
    • Tziampiris Aristotle: International Relations and the Macedonian Issue. Athens: ELIAMEP, 2003 (in Greek).
    • Tziampiris Aristotle: Greece, European Political Cooperation and the Macedonian Question. Aldershot: Ashgate Press, 2000.


    • Spyridon Litsas and Aristotle Tziampiris (eds.), The Eastern Mediterranean in Transition: Multipolarity, Politics and Power. (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2015).

    Academic Essays:

    1. Tziampiris A: In the Shadow of a Long and Glorious History: Understanding Greek Foreign Policy, Mediterranean Quarterly (Vol. 26, No. 2, May/June 2015), pp. 63-79.

    2. Tziampiris A: The Israeli-Greek Rapprochement: Stability and Cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean In Aristotle Tziampiris and Spyridon Litsas (eds.), The Eastern Mediterranean in Transition: Multipolarity, Politics and Power (Aldershot: Ashgate Press, 2015, pp. 239-254.

    3. Tziampiris A: Greek Foreign Policy in the Shadow of the Economic Crisis, in Pantelis Sklias and Tzifakis Nikolaos (eds.) Greece's Horizons: Reflecting on the Country's Assets and Capabilities (Berlin, Springer-Verlag and The Konstantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy Series on European and International Affairs, 2013). pp. 27-40.

    4. Tziampiris A: The Macedonian Name Dispute and European Union Accession, Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, Vol. 12, No. 1, March 2012, pp. 153-171.

    5. Tziampiris A: The Kiro Gligorov Era and the Name Dispute, Foreign Affairs Hellenic Edition, Vol. 1, No. 2, February 2012, pp. 21-31 [in Greek].

    6. Tziampiris A: Greek Historiography and Slav-Macedonian Identity, The Historical review/La Revue Historique, Vol. VIII, 2011, pp. 215-225.

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    10. Tziampiris A: Assessing Islamic Terrorism in the Western Balkans: The State of the Debate, Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, Vol. 11, No. 2, 2009, pp. 209-219.

    11. Tziampiris A: Greek Foreign Policy and the Macedonian Name Dispute: From Confrontation to Europeanization? in Anastassakis, O., Bechev, D., Vrousalis, N. (eds.), Greece and the Balkans: Memory, Conflict and Exchange, (Newcastle upon Thyme, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009), pp. 138-156.

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    14. Tziampiris A:The New Greek-Russian Rapprochement: Realism or ‘Clash of Civilizations’?”, in Geostratigiki, No. 14 (May-August 2008), pp. 76-96 (in Greek).

    15. Tziampiris A:Do Not Trifle With Divinity.’ Euripides’ The Bacchae and Bush’s Foreign Policy, in Defensor Pacis, Vol. 20, (March 2007), pp. 49-59. Republished in Greek as Tziampiris, A: “Religious Faith and International Relations” in Evriviadis, M. L. (ed.), International Politics and Security: From the 20th to the 21st Century, (forthcoming) (in Greek).

    16. Tziampiris A: Kosovo’s Final Status and the Issue of Greater Albania, in Defensor Pacis, Vol. 19 (January 2007), pp. 73-80.

    17. Tziampiris A: Kosovo in Transition: The Necessity of Pursuing Standards and Final Status in Conference Proceedings: CIIS-IAA Cooperation on Defence Diplomacy, Athens: ΙΑΑ, 2006.

    18. Tziampiris A: The European Union and the Macedonian Question, in Ioannis Koliopoulos (editor), Τhe History of Macedonia, Thessaloniki: Museum of the Macedonian Struggle, available at internet site: (in Greek). Republished in English as Tziampiris A. The European Union and the Macedonian Question In Ioannis Koliopoulos (ed.), The History of Macedonia, (Thessaloniki: Museum of the Macedonian Struggle, 2007), pp. 357-374.

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    39. Tziampiris A: Α Study in Failure? An Examination of the European Community’s Response to the Yugoslav War. MSc. (econ) Dissertation. London School of Economics and Political Science, 1993.

    Edited Volumes:

    • Spyridon Litsas and Aristotle Tziampiris (Eds.), The Eastern Mediterranean in Transition: Multipolarity, Politics and Power (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2015).

    Other Publications:

    • Authored articles and book reviews on international relations issues that have been published in the following newspapers: “Apogevmatini”, “Ependitis”,"International Herald Tribune" “Kathimerini”, “Kathimerini tis Kiriakis”, “Macedonia”, “Paron”, “Kathimerini English Edition”, “National Herald”, “Tirana Observer, “The Washington Post,” “The Washington Times,” as well as in specialized publications such as “Epalxis,” “Geostratigiki,” “Aimos”, “Metexelixi”, “Liberal View”, “Balkan Insight” “The Bridge” “National Interest Online” and “University Free Press.”
    • Comments of mine on contemporary international developments as well as references to my publications have been made in the following newspapers “Apogevmatini”, “To Vima,” “Kiriakatiko Vima,” “Eleftherotypia,”“Ependitis,”“Kathimerini,” “Kosmos tou Ependiti,” “Ethnos,, “The Daily Times,” “Athens Daily News,” "Haaretz." “Infopress” (Kosovo), “International Herald Tribune,” “Koha Ditore” (Kosovo), “Kosova SOT” (Kosovo), “Dvevnik” (FYROM), “Utrinski Vesnik” (FYROM), “The Washington Times” (USA) as well as in various internet websites such as,,,,,,
    • Personal interviews have been published in "The Jerusalem Post" (Israel) "The National Herald" (USA), “Danas” (Serbia), “Utrinski Vesnik” (FYROM), (Greece), University Free Press (Greece), “Deutsche Welle” (US and FYROM branches).
    • Letters published in the newspapers “To Vima” and “International Herald Tribune,” as well as in the journals “Washington Monthly” and “The National Interest” (twice).

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