Eastern Mediterranean, Middle and Major East: Economy - Politics - Civilization

emmme7Director: Professor Tziampiris Aristotelis

The aim of the Laboratory "Eastern Mediterranean, Middle and Major East: Economy - Politics - Civilization" ("EMMME: EPC") is the systematic research and study of the political, economic and cultural activities of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East regions and more specialized states and actors operating in them. Specifically, the Laboratory examines the international aspects of the bilateral relations developed in the reported areas, the role of the Great powers, the geopolitical aspects of the conflictive and cooperative relations among states, international economic relations cultivated among states under the prism of International Political Economy and relate to trade, financial transactions and regionalization issues, cultural traditions of the nations of the region and their historical heritage, the relations of Greece and Cyprus with the states of the region and finally how consolidating stability and development in that region.

In a more specific perspective Laboratory "EMMME: EPC" aims at fostering research on issues of special interest to those directly related research with the reported regions, as the exploitation of energy resources, delineating EEZ, Islamic terrorism and fundamentalism, transnational conflicts, political instability at states and the role and influence of organized religions and religious beliefs in the region. The Laboratory "EMMME: EPC" will contribute first, the systematic treatment of these themes, secondly to the understanding of the changes taking place in the reported area thirdly to ensure students and scholars with specialized knowledge and fourth in the acquisition of graduates of our Department, through the study of the above themes, professional advantages for business activity in the countries of the region. Moreover, the rationale for the development of specific regions research through a Laboratory aims to be a bridge between Greece and Hellenism with other nations, but also to strengthen the fields of action of the Greek and Cypriot foreign policy, so as to become Greece and Cyprus bridges of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East to the EU.

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