Laboratory of Education Policy, Research, Development and Interuniversity Cooperation

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Director: F. Asderaki - Associate Professor

Address: Office 304
Grigoriou Lampraki 126
Piraeus, 18532 Greece

Phone: +30 210 414 2652

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The aim of the laboratory of Educational policy, Research, Development and Inter-University Cooperation (ERDIC) is to become a scientific and valid institute to produce basic and applied research in the above mentioned subjects and also cover educational and research needs of the Hellenic society.


The subject of the laboratory is research and study of the trends and the international developments on the sectors of education, research, development and inter-university cooperation.


The sectors of activation differ and their aim is to integrate the educator’s synergies in issues such as:

  • Identification and respond to specialised educational and research needs
  • Training educators and educations executives on international and European issues
  • Development co-operations with similar laboratories and research centers in Greece and abroad, with the aim of exchanging opinions, data and co-producing research, studies or other scientific work relating to the subjects of the laboratory.
  • Knowledge and research dissemination with informative brochures, scientific magazine and publications of articles, studies and books.
  • Organising lectures, conferences and seminars in national and international level.

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