“Negotiation & Mediation” Center

The “Negotiation and Mediation” Center of the International and European Studies Department in University of Piraeus, was founded in 2015 to cover educational and research needs on issues related directly and indirectly to the academic field that describes its title and to contribute to public and private sector, by providing them consulting and training services. Director of the Center has been appointed the Associate Professor Mr Petros Liacouras. Its main purpose is to cover educational and research needs at undergraduate and postgraduate level and to become a scientific and valid institution of primordial research and development of scientific knowledge. Purpose of the Center is also to promote the research and processing of Negotiation and Mediation standards, which will support the scientific pillars that compose the Department of International and European Studies with impact and effect on public and private administration, to reinforce the study and apply of the international and Greek foreign policy and diplomacy, but also to strengthen the economic, political and social decision - making process. Hence, the Center is going to provide consulting services to organizations, firms, groups, corporations and public and private entities in general.

Specifically, the Center will contribute: a) to improve the teaching of the existing courses and the gradual introduction of new relevant courses in the Department in order to improve the level of undergraduate and graduate teaching and research, b) to support undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students upon completion of their research, c) to provide students with theoretical and practical experience in negotiation and mediation through a series of courses and workshops, d) to support the research work of faculty members of the Center and the International and European Studies Department, e) to the promotion of science in the fields which professes f) to the analysis and valuation of the major international cases of Negotiation and Mediation and their reduction to approaches of previous successful models, g) the dissemination of knowledge provided through the publication of scientific articles, books, monographs, etc.

The actions of Negotiation and Mediation Center have proceeded significantly during the year 2015. It has been prepared and it is in its final stage the catalogue of Conferences, Training Seminars and other Events, which are expected to start at the beginning of the academic year 2016-2017. Under construction is also the website of the Center, that will provide information for all education and research programs and related activities and through which the knowledge will be shared in all relevant parties. As per the research collaboration with other educational institutions and organizations in the country or abroad, several contacts have been made promoting joint projects and further to that, has been established an important network of partners and customers. In addition, the function and activities guide of the Center is in progress, in order to provide assistance and details to private and public bodies, in relation to education and training of managers and middle managers of private corporate and public administration. All these actions and other that will arise in the performance and promotion of the relevant Projects will be implemented in the coming period of Center’s operation.

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