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“BRICS: Economy – Society – Foreign Policy” is a new postgraduate program of the Department of International and European Studies, University of Piraeus, which was established in 2015-2016. The program focuses on the study of the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, as they have prevailed worldwide by the acronym BRICS. BRICS countries are important players in international politics as well as strong economies in the international market. Moreover, as a group of states, they try together to have a significant role in the international financial system. Furthermore, individually, the states in hand, have a longtime history with a particular culture.

The program aims to provide the students the opportunity for a depth study and research in the BRICS countries. More specifically, it aims to analyse the international position and the economic development of the BRICS countries, as well as to prepare and train competent and specialized scientists and researchers or professional managers. The graduates of the program will achieve special skills, which will help them to find a job in international organizations, in Greek or international businesses, shipping agencies or the industry or the public sector, including the diplomatic corps. In addition to that, the program enormously addresses executives who want to specialize in BRICS countries.

This program is innovative because it offers an academic specialization on states that undoubtedly will play a crucial economic and political role in the international system of our era. The postgraduate program on BRICS countries aims at a wide range of disciplines: international relations, political and social sciences and humanities, economics, history, law, business administration, shipping and financial studies. The program has been organized with a policy oriented approach reflecting the evolving role of BRICS countries. The subtitle of the program verifies its interdisciplinary character, which stand on three pillars: the economy, the foreign policy and the social and political system.

The content of the courses has been designed through an interdisciplinary approach which ensures the completeness of the program with regards to the study of BRICS countries. The program consists a scientific innovation, which is offered by our Department for the first time in the Greek scientific community. We establish a scientific field which deepens on scientific knowledge and case studies. To this leading project, structured in two academic semesters, contribute enthusiastic teachers and experts. The success of the program will be based, without any doubt, on two interactive parts: teachers and students. Through this program, we will enthusiastically aim to achieve the ambitions and goals of these two interrelated parts.

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