Participating in the Internship program, students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and work experience in the fields of their science, which will not only enrich their CV, but can also be used as a guide for their future choices. Besides, the purpose of the Internship is to familiarize the trainees with the environment of the host Organizations, in order to gain the appropriate qualifications for their subsequent professional career. In addition, they are given the opportunity to learn about the structure and functioning of modern organizations and enterprises, to acquire professional consciousness, to apply their knowledge in real working conditions, to experience the value and characteristics of group function, as well as cooperation with other people to achieve a common goal. Participation in Internship is encouraged by the Department of International and European Studies; however, it is not mandatory for students. They can participate in the Program, only if they wish, upon their request. The students’ interest is very warm, which is explained by the competitive nature of today's job market, especially in the field of International and European Relations. The Internship is primarily addressed to third-year and fourth-year students and until today have participated dozens of students, both in public and private bodies. The Department makes every year a lot of effort to create Internship positions, as the Program aims to benefit as many students as possible. The number of positions is limited and selection is made each time primarily on academic criteria, so the excellent academic performance will help students ensure beforehand a place for Internship. The Internship lasts two months and provides a small amount as recompense for participating in the Program. 

The main concern of the Internship Office is to create an interconnection network, with as many Organizations as possible that could employ students for making their Internship. Cooperating host Organizations are mostly public bodies and especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, due to the high relevancy of the Internship object to the curriculum of the Department. Other collaborating Organizations are the Greek Parliament, the National Bank of Greece, the Economic Chamber, Institutions as EKEM, ELIAMEP, ERT, OTE, the NATO Association, the Greek Council for Refugees, the SEC, the Authority for Personal Data Protection, the Action Aid, the Ministry of Citizen Protection, the SIVENOR Industrial Steel, Institute of Research and Training on European Affairs, the ADIP, and others. Some Organizations, such as the Greek Parliament, employ students, providing them a symbolic fee, upon request from the director of the Internship, without the requirement to be stimulated through Operational Programs of NSRF. Additionally, has been carried out a voluntary Internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to cover the needs of the Greek Presidency. We hope that the voluntary Internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be able to continue, so as to fill the gap if the number of paid Internships is covered. Please note that the students who have participated so far in the Internship program have left an excellent impression to the host Organizations, showing enthusiasm and professional conscience, which will help the students that follow, to obtain a favorable treatment and be ready for the job market of tomorrow.

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