POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMME Master in International & European Studies

Department export graduationVisions and Targets

The Department of International and European Studies is the most recent to be founded by the University of Piraeus.
This programme provides study in European issues, international relations, strategic studies, global management, international politics, diplomacy, international security, settlement of international disputes, international law, international trade, international and European monetary politics and institutions, European law, European politics, regional studies, foreign policy analysis, international economics/international political economy, developmental aspects of international economy, international environmental issues, administration of international businesses and organizations.

The academic profile of the department is apparently interdisciplinary. Its three pillars are of equal importance: international relations/international politics, international economics, and European studies. In the framework of the interdisciplinary approach, the Department of International and European studies provides students with the opportunity to attend courses offered by other departments of the University. Throughout their studies, students are exposed to courses reflecting many scientific approaches and acquire the necessary academic background to compete in the job market.

As far as post-graduation career prospects are concerned, students are qualified to apply to international organizations, the Greek diplomatic service, and Public Sector, the mass media and public relations, research centres, non-Governmental organizations, the education field (teaching), international business administration, project management of E.U. funded projects, international law services and marketing sectors, political analyst and public opinion polls positions.

POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMME Master in International & European Studies

Purpose & Content

The postgraduate programme of the department of Ιnternational and European Studies is based in following three pillars: academic competitiveness, academic merit and academic freedom.

The postgraduate programme focuses on International and European Relations and operates in accordance with the policy on equal opportunities, academic merit and competitiveness.

1. The postgraduate programme leads to a Masters Degree in International & European Relations and focuses on the following objectives:
a) to provide valuable insight into the disciplines of International & European Studies
b) to promote scientific knowledge and research in the relevant field
c) to provide further training and specialization to graduates
d) to offer lifelong learning to scientists who already have a professional occupation in either Greek or International private companies or in civil service.

2. The postgraduate programme may also lead to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) for those wishing to continue their studies.
Students are required to take courses in 3 semesters and write a thesis.

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